Tutoring – IGCSE/IB

The two-year IGCSE course is broad and rigorous, usually comprising of 9 subjects. In order to succeed, students must be organised, disciplined and self-motivated. On top of this, students should have a strong understanding of the content in each subject, have memorised that content, and understand how to use the content in an exam context – exam technique. It is not necessary for tutoring to cover all of these aspects for every subject, and, again, it is key for students to develop independent study habits aside from any support they are given. However, tutoring can be used to unpick thorny chapters in each subject, help with general organisation and scheduling of independent work, and strategise a student’s approach as they approach the exams. Modelex has now helped thousands of students through this process and has developed their own signature approach to the IGCSE exams, combining tutoring, collaboration with parents, and independent study.

The demanding International Baccalaureate Diploma follows the IGCSEs. By this stage, students should have developed strong independent working habits, and success at IB depends very much on this. Tutoring and academic support should therefore be focused and specific, with a clear idea of its purpose. Modelex has helped hundreds of IB students succeed at this level, and go on to gain entry at some of the world’s premier universities.

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Modelex can conduct a range of assessments for secondary-school-age students, in order to better understand their academic profile and learning potential, along with challenges they may face. Periodic assessments can also help to show the evolution of a student over time. Assessments in the secondary school can help students to understand their strengths and weaknesses, and therefore how best to prepare for the upcoming IGCSE and IB exams. It can also contribute towards extra-time provision for students where appropriate.

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School Placement

Some families decide that placing their child in a boarding school is the right family and educational decision for them. Modelex will talk these families through the variety of options available regarding different education systems and schools available, and the implications of each. We will then walk our families through the entire decision making, application process. This can start as early as when the student is in primary school, although the most usual entry points are 11+, 13+ and 16+. Modelex has extensive experience placing students in this way and strong contacts at the most competitive UK and Swiss schools, enabling us to offer highly personalised service.

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University Preparation and Placement

Modelex has in-depth experience helping students gain entry into the most competitive unviersities around the world, especially in the UK through UCAS, and the US through the Common App. We have dedicated specialists ready to help students discover the right university system, institution and course for them, and then prepare their university application.

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