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“When you do exams you never want to be the one who finishes first and you never want to be the one who finishes last.” Anthony T. Hincks


With the exam season truly in full flow for students, it is worth taking some time to reflect on your preparation strategies. We have come up with 8 simple approaches that will increase your learning and help keep you organised, balanced, calm and on track!


  1. Set Realistic Goals

We know that goal setting can be used as part of a strategy to help people successfully achieve positive changes in their lives, so take stock of what you want, and make your goals realistic and achievable!


  1. Plan Meticulously

Time is precious. Break up your days into manageable sessions. Write it out, put on your wall, and stick to it. Even if you miss a session, the important thing is to go straight back to the plan! Not only will this help you get organised and make the most of your time, it will also put your mind at ease!


  1. Take Breaks

Regular short breaks will increase your ability to think and absorb information, think marathon rather than the 100-metre dash! A walk, a visit to the gym, a hot drink. Taking regular short breaks will not only help improve your attention span, but it will also make you far more productive.


  1. Have a designated Study Space

Distractions can challenge your focus, especially if you’re in a setting with a lot of noise, like a television or people who are not also studying. Find somewhere that you are comfortable and free from disturbances, just make sure all possible distractions are out of sight and out of mind, including checking your phone every three minutes!


  1. Test Yourself/Time Yourself

Do regular timed questions on the topics you have recently completed. This will mentally prepare you for the pressure of having to recall information when the heat is on. Also, embrace some modern technologies, use quizzes, apps and online tools if it suits your learning style. It may help break the monotony and boost your focus!


  1. Get Healthy

Take care of your physical and mental condition. Time to take control and be proactive about managing your sleep, eating the right type of food, and moving! You will quickly see how it positively affects your attitude and study routine.


  1. Positivity is key

Positive mental attitude will be central to your success! Focus your mind on positive outcomes and on how you can use your own individual strengths to achieve them. When you think positively, the reward centres in your brain show greater activity, thereby making you feel less anxious, giving you a greater ability to do what you need to do!


  1. Get into Study Groups

Do not underestimate the value of a good support circle. This is a good point in time to select a couple of study partners who you know you work well with. Again, it is invaluable to bat around thoughts and ideas, as well as the moral support such groups offer. And if you can’t get together as often as you would like, then make use of the tech at your disposal, things like Google Dive and other online tools can be a positive way to motivate one another!

Onwards to glory!

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