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“The secret of success is to do the common things uncommonly well”


One of the biggest fears every student has as they enter the exam hall is that their mind will go blank and they will suddenly forget every last thing they know. It is the stuff of nightmares, but fortunately, it is highly unlikely to happen. First of all, you would be amazed what facts start to come flooding back to you once you pick up a pen and start answering a question. Second of all, there are lots of memory tricks you can use that will help you recall information in a more organised and structured way.

Before you even consider memory strategies, there is one pressing fundamental elephant in the room that must be addressed. If there is one enemy of a good memory recall, it is disorganisation. A cluttered working space with unfiled notes here, there and everywhere; a notepad filled with scrawl on numerous different subjects with no particular order; a poor computer filing system. In my experience, all these spell disaster in the exam room. So, start by getting yourself organised. Tidy your room, or whichever space you are using for studying. Get your notes organised neatly into different subjects and specific topics. Physically decluttering and bringing about order within your environment, has the strange effect of doing the same to the mind. This in turn will allow you to clearly remember, and then more importantly, think analytically and thoughtfully through any question that is placed in front of you. This order will bring calmness to your preparation, and ultimately, clarity of mind when in the exam hall.

Ok, well now you are organised! Follow the link for 21 practical memory tricks to help students digest and retain knowledge ➡ https://www.icb.org.za/21-best-memorization-techniques-for-students/

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