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Our second webinar, focusing on US University applications, the Common App process and recent updated related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our speaker is Bettina Weil, founder of Weil College Advising, our partner based in New York. Bettina has 16 years of experience guiding students through the application to US universities and helping families make informed decisions about post-secondary education.

We hope this will be a useful discussion for those of you who are specifically planning to apply to the American system, and those of you thinking more generally about different possible academic paths for your child.
Main takeaways from the webinar:

  • Why study in the US?
  • Behind the scenes of the application process and what US universities are looking for in an applicant.
  • Timelines and deadlines: when to start and what to do
  • The current scenario in US universities

Over the summer Modelex will:

Set up a Summer US University prep group for those planning to apply to American Universities.
Organise two online group SAT bootcamps, June 29 – July 3 and
August 17 – August 21

Please get in touch at info@modelex.mc for more information about American summer programmes.

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