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8-11 years old


Using an age-appropriate, high quality text, students will explore a non-fiction book in depth. Lessons will include a variety of speaking, reading and writing activities that encourage comprehension, immersion and engagement in the book. This in turn will generate rich language and scenario creation, allowing them the space to focus on mastering the techniques required to reach the National Curriculum Framework Standards.

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Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening

Students will explore a high quality text using the Power of Reading approach that develops a range of key skills and competencies through raising engagement and depth of understanding in literature and poetry. Children will explore:

  • language and vocabulary development
  • develop inference, deduction and comprehension skills
  • identifying and exploring cross-curricular links
  • writing in different contexts through active activities
  • engage with and reading for pleasure  – a critical determinant in success, understanding identity and improving empathy

Carefully chosen texts will enable students to explore complex moral issues with maturity and confidence. They will reflect on themes explored in literature and reasons behind choices of words and ideas chosen by authors.


Syllabus and Assessment:

The syllabus will be based on the KS2 UK National Curriculum. Assessment will be a combination of formative and summative assessment, focusing on building a holistic picture of the student.

Summative assessment will be based on end of term checkpoints using Rising Stars for English in Years 4 and 5 and SATs in Year 6. These cover Autumn, Spring and Summer terms so children can be accurately assessed depending on when in the year they join.


Monday and Friday at 9.30 am GMT on Zoom.

Each lesson is one hour long. In total, you child will receive 18 hours of direct academic instruction.

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Focusing on your child’s specific year group curriculum objectives, students will explore topics that would traditionally have been explored in the Spring and Summer terms. In a nurturing yet challenging environment, students will also have the opportunity to explore mathematical reasoning and problem solving questions to help consolidate and deepen understanding and knowledge – while benefiting from peer-to-peer support and discussion that research shows drives children’s learning.

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Numeracy, Problem Solving & Reasoning, Mastery & Greater Depth

In Maths, our approach will be on developing a culture of enjoyment, deep understanding and confidence.

The curriculum we use produces strong, secure learning and real progress can be made.

The White Rose Hub is inspired and informed by robust, world-class research and global maths experts and delivering a curriculum that challenges all levels of students and encourages peer to peer discussion is ideal for these focused group sessions.

Students will focus on developing:

  • age-appropriate mathematical skills based on the UK National Curriculum Programme of Study
  • exploring mathematical problems aimed at challenging their knowledge and understanding of maths concepts
  • resilience, persistence and independence
  • their ability to be reflective thinkers where they can see how skills in different topics provide links and understanding elsewhere in the curriculum
  • their ability to explain and discuss their ideas and understanding

A range of resources can be used digitally to support children’s understanding of concepts and the dynamic, group sessions encourage students to explore their understanding with familiar language and supporting each other with misconceptions.


Summative assessment will us the White Rose Hub Maths assessment programme, which places emphasis not only on fluency in topics, but on a depth of learning and ability to apply to real-life problems.


Tuesday/ Thursday at 9.30 am GMT on Zoom.

Each lesson is one hour long. In total, you child will receive 18 hours of direct academic instruction.

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