Science Club

Modelex’s Science Club is designed to help students foster a curiosity in the world around them, and understand the way in which Science connects them with the world.

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Modelex’s UCAS program is run over several months, to give students an in-depth introduction to UK universities and every aspect of the UCAS process.

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Commando Joes

Modelex has teamed up with Commando Joes, a creative program that helps students build key personal qualities such as resilience, patience and strong communication. The program is interactive but deeply rooted in academic syllabuses, and thus provides an innovative and powerful complement to school education.

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SAT Course

Modelex has a team of SAT experts ready to give a 5 day course introducing the SAT exam and all of its variables during the summer. This will be complemented by focused individual tuition and antoher 5 day course at the end of the summer, before the exams start in earnest.

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Legacy Course

Modelex has a team of professionals ready to introduce our students to the responsibilities that they will face later in life. By giving them a strong sense of direction about what lies ahead for them in the future after school and university, the Legacy course puts their academic work in a broader perspective and helps them to see the purpose of working for their exams in the present.

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Holiday Academic Courses

Modelex is offering a series of academic courses, especially focused towards students working towards for their critical IGCSE and IB exams. Courses will cover core chapters and modules in key subjects, and focus on content understanding, organisation and memorisation techniques, and learning exam techniques to ensure that students are scoring marks properly with the content they have learned.

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