In-person tuition

We offer evening and weekend tuition around Monaco. This is useful for students looking to grasp a topic, gain an edge in a subject or prep for an exam. Although less intensive than our residential placements, it can be highly effective during term time, alongside regular schooling — and is particularly beneficial for students who need to improve their independent study skills. We take care to make sure that any private tutoring is appropriately balanced by independent study, so that the emphasis remains focused on our students’ personal growth.

We emphasise the importance of constant dialogue with parents and regular feedback from tutors and students, so that we can tweak any tutoring as appropriate.

We oversee every placement and are on hand throughout to provide any further help or materials that may be required. As with all tuition we do at Modelex, we also discuss the student’s progress with the family and go through the tutor’s feedback with them.

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Online tuition

Although we always try to arrange lessons in person wherever possible, online sessions are an excellent way to give students access to the best possible educational resources without the need for travel by the student or tutor. It can be a convenient alternative to in-person tutoring, especially when used within the framework of Modelex’s dialogue and feedback-based relationship with its families.

Our tutors are selected for their experience and expertise in the subject to be taught and they are provided with all the necessary teaching materials.  Our goal is always the same: to give the highest quality tuition service, with superb tutors and a dedicated team on hand to support both tutor and the student.

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