We help students choose the UK university and course that would best suit their aspirations and academic level.

Our experts are on hand to guide students through the labyrinth of universities and courses. Variations between courses can be a particular area of confusion, as seemingly slight differences often have a significant effect on the educational experience. We are always careful to draw attention to these variations, and ensure that the student is fully informed before making their decision.

Specific location is an oft-overlooked aspect when choosing a university, particularly for foreign students, and yet this too has a significant effect on personal and academic wellbeing. We ensure that students are well-briefed on the locale of their chosen university and made aware of the specific character of the environment, so that they are as fully informed as possible before making the decision to live there.

In an effort to provide the most attentive service possible, we can often put students in touch with alumni to offer a better idea of the reality of student life at UK universities throughout the UK.

We also offer expert Personal Statement support, and advise students, often many years in advance, on the kind of groundwork (work placements, voluntary and extracurricular activities, extracurricular reading) they can put in place in order to have the strongest UCAS profile possible.

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US Admissions (Common App)

We are able to provide a comprehensive service for US university applications, guiding students from their first step through to acceptance at their chosen institution.

We have a dedicated team of consultants and academic staff who are intimately familiar with the US application process. We are able to provide extensive assistance to those wishing to apply to US universities, including a detailed overview of the US university application system, which contains more than 4000 schools.

Once a student knows which ‘reach’, ‘target’ and ‘safety’ schools he or she will apply to, we give detailed information on each institution. Through our network, we can often put an applicant in touch with someone who either works or studies at a particular institution, to give them an insider’s view.

Our SAT tutors are graduates of either Ivy League universities or prestigious institutions like MIT. They can provide valuable help with the Common Application, a central facet of the application system for US universities.  We advise for the all-important application essays, and our tutors can deliver both the theoretical and practical knowledge required, having themselves been through the system. We also provide interview preparation, although this is not generally a central element of US university applications.

The majority of students applying to American universities will need to take the SAT or ACT; success in one or the other is of paramount importance in securing the student’s first-choice college or university. We are able to offer specific exam techniques and preparation for both exams, including detailed help with the College Board revision materials where necessary.

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Worldwide University Applications

Modelex works with some of the most experienced and specialised university consultants in the world, who are familiar with a range of international university systems and can make meaningful comparisons between them, alongside understanding the nuances of different systems, courses and institutions. This is supported by strong contacts at many universities, that we are able to best position our student for acceptance.

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